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Who We Are

WESII S.r.l is a company based on the extensive international experience in the hyper and multispectral aerial inspections and analysis. One of the main focuses of the continuous research and specialization is remote sensing and advanced thermography with the obtainment of II level certify UNI EN 473 of Wesii’s technicians.
The company’s core business consists in the provision of high-quality analysis of aerial inspections conducted using drones and remote thermal/multispectral sensor mainly in the photovoltaic industry.
WESII offers an innovative technological approach to solve those problems by investing in research and continuous development which lead to providing a series of practices that help O&M companies, asset managers and PV plant owners to speed up the maintenance process and lower its costs.


Our Products

All the analysed and processed data are available on our custom web portal provided with technical tools and personalised filters. One of our main features, Multitemporal View, allows to compare thermographic and visual information between each survey.
Elios mobile app is an optional tool that allows the login with different credentials (which may vary for site managers and technicians) and be fully controlled and managed directly by the customer.
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Coming Soon! Combine the Elios Web Portal, Elios Mobile App and the new smartphone with thermal Flir camera integrated to keep your asset under control.

Our Services

Wesii’s Elios Analytics offers a profound and valuable analysis service for the PV plant owners. Our services allows to deliver to the client a series of tools that help to identify defects which may compromise the correct functioning of the panels and classify them, and therefore keep the assets under constant supervision and take action wherever and whenever needed.
Wesii is currently able to automate the procedure of the serial number identification within each module of the PV plant asset and lower down its actual costs. This operation is possible thanks to high definition (0.1mm/px) sensors positioned on drones during each flight. We also extract the requested information and meticulously catalogue it. All the serial numbers are automatically uploaded onto our web portal as an addition to the complete thermographic report.
The high resolution utilised to identify serial numbers is also very useful to perform a precise visual inspection of the PV panels. This kind of analysis had been usually carried out at ground level by using handheld devices to measure each and every module’s performance. Our services offer a faster and more accurate approach: thanks to the drone technology we can collect and analyse data faster and make it all happen remotely from PC.
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Why Choose Us?

Precise PV plant survey thanks to rigorous flight planning and usage of a series of thermal and HD visible cameras.
Aerial inspection allows to act quickly on the problematic areas of the PV plant, and leads to significant savings and profit boosts in terms of further business planning.
Elios Web Portal provides an easy way to access to thermographic and HD visibile reports, statistics and multitemporal view of the PV plants.

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